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Tool for organizing language courses for Ukrainian refugees wanted

I am looking for a tool to organize language courses for Ukrainian refugees with the following features: An overview of the language courses offered. Interested people should be able to select the ...

user avatar asked by Marc Score of 2
user avatar answered by Markus Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

C/C++ library for solving nonlinear systems of equations

My system of equations is like this: (x - a1)2 + (y - b1)2 = c1 (x - a2)2 + (y - b2)2 = c2 I know it is simple using matlab: solve((x-a1)^2 + (y-b1)^2 - c1, (x-a2)^2 + (y-b2)^2 - c2) But how to ...

library c++ math  
user avatar asked by tidy Score of 7
user avatar answered by logic Score of 4

Free Good PHP editor with FTP support for both Windows and MacOS

I'm a PHP developer and now I'm using a "free" version of Dreamweaver, I know that this one has the things I'm looking for, but its expensive. I've looked into some softwares like Aptana, Notepad++, ...

ide javascript php html ftp  
user avatar asked by rafaelmorais Score of 13
user avatar answered by Mawg says reinstate Monica Score of 5

Command line tool on Ubuntu Server to see disk IO stats?

I have a server running Ubuntu Server 12.04, and I'd like to see disk IO stats. I've tried top and htop, and neither of them output anything resembling IO stats. Is there a command line tool that does ...

linux monitoring command-line  
user avatar asked by Undo Score of 17

Which Linux distribution is best for hosting Minecraft server?

I have a computer than I will use for, and likely dedicate to hosting a Minecraft server, and I was told that Linux is better for that. I had some experience with Linux in the past, but I stopped ...

game linux-distribution  
user avatar asked by R.I.P.30.12.21Baskakov_Dmitriy Score of 3
user avatar answered by quintumnia Score of 2

Generate database table diagrams from a PostgreSQL database

I am looking for a GUI program that can generate database table diagrams from a PostgreSQL database. I am aware of SchemaSpy, SchemaCrawler and PostgreSQL Autodoc but they are CLI. Any OS, price and ...

user avatar asked by Franck Dernoncourt Score of 33
user avatar answered by Akshay Gupta Score of 25

How to convert Markdown to PDF without LaTeX?

Almost every existing md to PDF goes through LaTeX: kramdown, pandoc, multimarkdown, etc. Are there the options that don't, in any language, e.g. using a backend such as Prawn, libharu or jsPDF? So ...

linux pdf markdown  
user avatar asked by Ciro Santilli Путлер Капут 六四事 Score of 29
user avatar answered by Nick Dickinson-Wilde Score of 16

Is there a software tool which allows to perform SQL on CSV files?

I have been trying to find tools which allows me to import a CSV file and perform SQL operations on it. I tried to import on SQL Dev 4 but it does not work without a local connection. The data is ...

data-analysis sql csv  
user avatar asked by Vish_er Score of 19
user avatar answered by Glorfindel Score of 9
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