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Top new questions this week:

Simple open-source offline Markdown viewer for Windows

I am looking for a Markdown viewer for Windows. It should: run locally on Windows- be a normal program, not a browser addon, webapp or anything else that requires usage of browser. Preferable: ...

windows open-source offline markdown  
asked by user1234567 26 votes
answered by knb 22 votes

Alarm that sounds upon reaching destination

Recently, my brother was taking a long late-night bus ride home and fell asleep. He ended up two towns too far, needing a ride home in the middle of the night. One could certainly set an alarm for x ...

android alarm-clock  
asked by Luke Sawczak 4 votes
answered by Ross Presser 3 votes

Is there a git GUI that batches calls to git checkout?

I've been using TortoiseGit for many years and it is very slow for certain operations. Specifically, it does not batch calls to git checkout. For example, say I use the TortoiseGit "Revert" function ...

windows git  
asked by Allen Pestaluky 3 votes

Sass-lint is no longer maintained-- now what?

Sass-lint had its documentation updated in September 2019 to state that the project was no longer being maintained. While it may have a stable release, if there will be no new bugfixes or ...

open-source software-development web-development lint  
asked by Alexander Nied 2 votes

All-in-one HTML, CSS and JavaScript editor for Windows

I'm looking for an all-in-one HTML, CSS and JavaScript editor for Windows. Preferably, Quick and lightweight. Syntax highlighting. Direct FTP/SFTP/FTPS. Code intelligence. Browser preview. ...

windows javascript html ide css  
asked by Krishna 2 votes

Compression Tool (Zip/Rar) for Windows

I', looking for a zip/unzip tool for Windows PC. Preferably, Multi-core support Full 256-bit encryption Excel and Word add-ins to compress, send and encrypt the document(optional) Split-view ...

windows zip  
asked by Krishna 2 votes
answered by GreenBærg 3 votes

Video Editor for Windows?

I'm looking for an Advanced Video Editor (No Movie Makers) for Windows, with the below features: Video Trimmer: Trim videos to remove unwanted parts Video Reverse: Reverse video to make magic. Video ...

windows video-editing  
asked by Krishna 2 votes
answered by Zikoat 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

A program to log how much time you spend in what program

Seems like there should be something. Basically it should provide a report: with the total time spent in program X with a graph of how much time was spent in program X at what time of day (think the ...

windows time-management  
asked by Nick Wilde 71 votes
answered by Lulu 43 votes

Mount SFTP on Windows

I'm looking for a program that can mount SFTP folders on Windows, that: Is gratis and open-source Runs natively on Windows (10) Mounts to a drive, not to a folder Supports password-encrypted SSH2 ...

windows open-source sftp  
asked by wb9688 14 votes
answered by ivanivan 4 votes

What tool can generate HTML documentation from C# code, like Javadoc can do for Java?

Java developers can easily generate HTML documentation from their Java code, which is a convenient way to post APIs online. This is an example. Is there a similar tool for C# code? It must be ...

windows linux html c# documentation-generator  
asked by Nicolas Raoul 27 votes
answered by Lyndon White 14 votes

Free / Open Source 2D Drafting CAD for Floor Plans

I've been using PTC Creo for most of my design work in the past, but I'm trying to create a floor plan, and Creo Layout isn't designed for things like walls and doors or has support for standardized ...

windows gratis open-source  
asked by theStandard 5 votes
answered by Steve Barnes 7 votes

Open source PDF reader for Windows

I want to read PDF files on Windows. The PDFs can be quite large (like 50 MB) but they do not contain interactive forms nor special gadgets. I just do casual human reading, no automatic data ...

windows open-source pdf-viewer  
asked by Nicolas Raoul 43 votes
answered by Steve Barnes 74 votes

Download my Tumblr likes

I want to download all Tumblr posts I liked. What to backup? For text/quote/link/chat posts: it must download the main content (i.e., text resp. a link). For photo posts (including photosets): it ...

backup tumblr  
asked by unor 18 votes
answered by Renaud Bompuis 6 votes

Is there a tabbed SSH client with connection management for Linux?

I'm looking for a tabbed SSH client on Ubuntu that supports managing the details of saved connections. An ideal solution would be (like) Putty with tab support. HotSSH supports tabbing, but I would ...

linux ubuntu ssh  
asked by arjan 18 votes
answered by palacsint 13 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Simple Epub reader for Windows

I am looking for an Epub Reader tool for Windows. Required Features: Reading statistics function PDF support, fast & speech compatible Fill out PDF Form Highlight, annotation, handwriting ...

windows epub reader  
asked by Krishna 1 vote

Administrator sql queries tool

I've been asked to find a reporting solution where a non technical user administrator can search our database for mostly simple information. Such as how many users are in a specific status (and maybe ...

sql thinking-tools  
asked by Andrew Day 1 vote

WiFi congestion scanner

I would like to know what device or app I can use to scan for WiFi congestion across multiple networks (ideally an Android/IOS app) For example let us say in my (UK) household I can see 10 SSIDs ...

asked by Paul 1 vote
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