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Top new questions this week:

Free software to block specific websites only for a specific Android device

The desired flow is: I define websites forbidden to a specific Android device. If a specific Android device tries to browse them, block them. But but send a notification to another device/pc (...

gratis android parental-control website-blocker  
user avatar asked by LWC Score of 1
user avatar answered by Marcel Score of 1

Is there a free opensource api gateway?

I would like a unified library that can interact with many different services APIs. In particular, is there such a lib that works for both Okta and Slack? I know for example that airbyte works for ...

api slack  
user avatar asked by user85791 Score of 1

Android FTP server app that preserves original date modified of files and folders?

Most FTP server apps on the google play store don't preserve the date modified of folders and files but I want to preserve them with FTP. I've tried: Wifi FTP server (

android time-management ftp directories file-sharing  
user avatar asked by ghostanime2001 Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Online tool for checking ISO8601

I am looking for an online tool that checks if a string is ISO8601 compliant. I am not just interested in the timestamp part, but also durations. So all of these should be considered valid: 2007-03-...

web-apps validation  
user avatar asked by Ole Tange Score of 12
user avatar answered by scunliffe Score of 7

View each frame of video and delete/edit them

I'm looking for a program that lets me view each and every frame of a video, and edit / delete specific ones. I want the program to: be free allow me to view each frame and delete a group of them by ...

windows gratis video video-editing  
user avatar asked by ᔕᖺᘎᕊ Score of 8
user avatar answered by Franck Dernoncourt Score of 7

WYSIWYG HTML editor for Linux

I’ve recently made a shift from Windows to Ubuntu and one of the software that I’m really missing is Adobe Dreamweaver. Wine doesn’t give as good an experience. Which WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You ...

linux html ubuntu html-editor wysiwyg  
user avatar asked by Ranveer Score of 37
user avatar answered by Izzy Score of 15

Free Good PHP editor with FTP support for both Windows and MacOS

I'm a PHP developer and now I'm using a "free" version of Dreamweaver, I know that this one has the things I'm looking for, but its expensive. I've looked into some softwares like Aptana, Notepad++, ...

ide javascript php html ftp  
user avatar asked by rafaelmorais Score of 13

Browser with lowest CPU / memory usage

Could you suggest me browser with lowest CPU / memory usage? Requirements: I need to open many tabs (30-40) Close/open tabs over and over again Flash/JavaScript not needed Images not really needed ...

user avatar asked by Stanislovas Kalašnikovas Score of 18
user avatar answered by dotancohen Score of 10

Alternative to Microsoft Office that does not require Internet or Cloud

I am looking for an Office suite that can work with MS Office files that does not require an Internet connection for installation or cloud access. I have a number of clients who require compliance ...

offline office  
user avatar asked by Doug Kimzey Score of 28
user avatar answered by Judith Score of 46

Software to convert HTML, CSS and JavaScript into an exe?

Is there a program that can convert HTML, CSS and JavaScript into an exe? A similar question was asked on StackOverflow: How can you convert html css and javascript into a exe?

windows javascript html css  
user avatar asked by Davidenko Score of 12
user avatar answered by Guido Domenici Score of 6

Can you answer these questions?

Software for semantic layer in the field of business intelligence

I am currently looking for a business-layer-software or semantic-layer-software to replace SAP business objects. I am working for a data-management team for the public sector. Do you have any ...

api data analytics web-apis  
user avatar asked by paranoia_do Score of 1

Invoice, etc. templating system for PDF generation

I'm looking to pull invoice data from an ERP system and create PDF files of the invoices in a similar format to what the ERP system provides. I can do that, but I'd prefer not to "hard code" ...

pdf node.js pdf-generation invoicing  
user avatar asked by Ben in CA Score of 1

selfhosted reference manager

This may have been asked before and I keep searching from time to time but never find something truly useful. Are there any free or paid software managers that can be self hosted? by that I mean self ...

user avatar asked by lucian Score of 1
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