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Top new questions this week:

Tool for Linux to create .desktop files

I find myself having to manually create a lot of .desktop files in order to get shortcuts to third party applications or scripts I wrote. On Windows I used to be able to right-click any .exe file I ...

linux desktop-environment  
asked by Forivin 3 votes
answered by tckosvic 0 votes

Open Source Alternative to Rave.DJ? is a site that allows you to create mash-ups or mixes of multiple songs automatically. They are closed-source and it can only be operated through their website. Are there any existing open-...

open-source music artificial-intelligence  
asked by scob 1 vote

Ping Monitor With Geographical Map

I’m looking for a ping monitor that allows me to enter in the addresses that the IPs are located and have it map out all monitored IPs on a geographical map. I’ve searched for a bit and the only thing ...

network-monitor mapping  
asked by Paul Omans 1 vote

Python package that compares an SQLAlchemy ORM to a pre-existing database schema?

Is there a Python package that will compare a live database schema to one defined in an SQLAlchemy ORM? I have a decent size MS SQL Server instance (6 databases, ~200 total tables) that I need to make ...

python database orm  
asked by dthor 1 vote

Customer data organisation tool

I'm looking for a tool, that stores our contact data from our customers/ clients. Current situation: Currently we store everything in an excel spreadsheet. With columns for: First Name, Last Name, ...

database cloud-service address-book  
asked by skarpeta 1 vote
answered by Markus 0 votes

Free alternative to iMindMap 11 / Ayoa?

I need a free alternative to iMindMap mind mapping software. I only want Mind Map feature according to Tony Buzan's book "Mind Mapping"; the features like Capture / Brainstorm / Time Map / ...

asked by stameni 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Speed reading software for Windows

I'm looking for a speed reading software for Windows. I am aware of Spritz for Android, Velocity for iOS and the website Speeder. I am looking for a program having as many following features as ...

windows gratis reading  
asked by Franck Dernoncourt 27 votes

Alternative to Matplotlib for scientific plotting with Python

I can't take anymore Matplotlib's general approach of "plotting-by-side-effect". Is there an alternative? I'm looking for something closer in philosophy to Mathematica's Plot function, which returns ...

python scientific-computing  
asked by kjo 31 votes
answered by Steve Barnes 13 votes

How to convert Markdown to PDF without LaTeX?

Almost every existing md to PDF goes through LaTeX: kramdown, pandoc, multimarkdown, etc. Are there the options that don't, in any language, e.g. using a backend such as Prawn, libharu or jsPDF? So ...

linux pdf markdown  
asked by Ciro Santilli 新疆再教育营六四事件法轮功郝海东 28 votes

Apple Swift compiler for Windows

I am looking for an Apple Swift compiler for Windows (running under Windows and producing code for Windows), without having to virtualize any OS. It needs to run at least on Windows 7 x64.

windows compiler swift  
asked by Franck Dernoncourt 19 votes
answered by niutech 13 votes

AngularJs drag & drop GUI builder & code generator

Is there something like Bootstrap studio for AngualarJS? Something which will present me with a palette for HTML components and let me drag & drop them to create a web page while auto-generating ...

gratis angularjs rad  
asked by Mawg says reinstate Monica 14 votes
answered by Mario Estrada 5 votes

Free alternative to step-by-step-solution feature of Wolfram|Alpha Pro?

Are there any free online and/or offline alternatives to the step-by-step-solution feature of Wolfram|Alpha Pro? This feature is able to display step-by-step-solutions of a wide variety of algebra ...

gratis math  
asked by MaxD 26 votes
answered by itaton 20 votes

WYSIWYG HTML editor for Linux

I’ve recently made a shift from Windows to Ubuntu and one of the software that I’m really missing is Adobe Dreamweaver. Wine doesn’t give as good an experience. Which WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You ...

linux html ubuntu html-editor wysiwyg  
asked by Ranveer 38 votes
answered by Izzy 15 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Fan of markdown, looking for a small (portable) web markdown log

I'm looking for something personal a small web log tool can be a c# git project as well. To keep a markdown based log. I love markdown And I normally log the things I do or need to remember, inside a ...

asked by Peter 1 vote
answered by Chenmunka 0 votes

Capture scrolling window screenshot in MACOS

Is there any software which can take scrolling window screenshot. For example, I want to take the screenshot of Terminal which has more content than what is visible in the screen (I was aware of ...

gratis macos screenshot  
asked by firstpostcommenter 1 vote
answered by Glorfindel 0 votes

Jira Project Synchronization Tool/Plugin

We need a tool that will synchronize our Jira projects with client's Jira projects. We need to get an update of their new tickets/issues immediately, so it must support 2-way syncing. I've checked ...

project-management information-management jira  
asked by user77139 1 vote
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