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Top new questions this week:

Looking for a simple free windows file backup software

I'm looking for a freeware Windows application that will incrementally back up a folder that contains software projects I'm currently working on. My idea of a good app would be one that creates a ...

windows gratis backup  
asked by Jason 2 votes
answered by Steve Barnes 1 vote

Software to extract the list of References and title from a pdf of a Research paper?

I have about 8,000 pdfs of research papers and I want to extract their references and titles. Any ideas on software to do this?

asked by MVJ 1 vote
answered by Steve Barnes 0 votes

Software to import stl file to walk around it in 3D?

I was wondering if there's any sort of software where you can import a .stl file and sort of walk around in it. I have a small house model exported as a .stl file and I kind of want to do just that. ...

cad file-format  
asked by Tyler Selden 1 vote
answered by fred_dot_u 0 votes

Using keyboard or gaming USB pedals as MIDI sustain pedal

I am searching for how to use available devices as a sustain pedal. Is there ready to use software with low latency that can handle input and translate it to midi? Or C#,C++ example how to send MIDI ...

windows midi input-devices  
asked by user1329019 1 vote
answered by CL. 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Open source PDF reader for Windows

I want to read PDF files on Windows. The PDFs can be quite large (like 50 MB) but they do not contain interactive forms nor special gadgets. I just do casual human reading, no automatic data ...

windows open-source pdf-viewer  
asked by Nicolas Raoul 47 votes
answered by Steve Barnes 78 votes

Is there an app that runs Java (.jar) files on Android?

I would like to run a .jar file on my Samsung Galaxy S5 Android phone. I expect that it requires an app, but I can't find such app anywhere. What app would be great to emulate .jar files, preferably ...

android java emulator  
asked by nicael 9 votes
answered by Heisenberg 9 votes

Simple program to cut videos without ANY loss of quality for Windows, Linux or Android

I need a program to cut videos (extract a sub-video from them), but I absolutely need there will be no quality losses at all from the original. As long as I don't need to do anything more (like ...

video video-editing  
asked by Sopalajo de Arrierez 21 votes
answered by Steve Barnes 19 votes

Program to automatically complete surveys

I am looking for a program that can automatically complete surveys from, using random answers I would prefer if it runs on Windows 7, but Ubuntu or Mac is fine too. supports other ...

asked by Franck Dernoncourt 5 votes
answered by dodgy_coder 1 vote

Voice chat software for communicating through LAN (does not require an Internet connection)

I'm looking for software that can be used for voice chatting through LAN. The software will be mainly for home use and while playing LAN games. Due to our spotty Internet connection, and to avoid ...

windows chat lan voip  
asked by galacticninja 18 votes
answered by DanteTheEgregore 9 votes

ZenMate-like tool for Microsoft Edge or Windows 10

I used to surf with Google Chrome and ZenMate plug-in was helpful at times. Now I want to use Microsoft Edge but have no idea what tool can replace the ZenMate plugin. Please advise how I can ...

windows windows-10 privacy microsoft-edge  
asked by Bobrovsky 3 votes
answered by Tom 3 votes

Drawing convolutional neural networks

Is there any software used to draw figures in academic papers describing the structure of neural networks (specifically convolutional networks)? The closest solution to what I want is the TikZ LaTeX ...

graphs drawing latex scientific-computing neural-networks  
asked by James Owers 34 votes
answered by gwding 32 votes

Can you answer these questions?

A GPS app which rewards exploration?

I read about an Android/iOS mobile app recently, but didn't note its name. The app works with GPS, and the idea is that you get points for visiting a part of the world which hasn't yet been explored (...

asked by user2023370 2 votes

Code/plugin/module to create PDF of website calendar

I'm trying to find a method to create beautiful PDFs of website calendars. An example of what I'm talking about can be viewed if you click the Create Brochure button on this website. Note: You may ...

pdf calendar pdf-generation  
asked by Hazelnutplus 1 vote

Is there such a thing as a general "grocery shopping online" program/API?

Even before the Corona/Wuhan thing, I was forced to shop online for food for years. I tried out numerous stores (in Europe) and their websites are all disastrous. As in, horribly broken and user-...

api ecommerce shopping-cart shopping  
asked by Dextyn 1 vote
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