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Top new questions this week:

Tool to build websites

Let me jump to the point. I am looking for the right tool to build websites where I take care of the design and scaffolding and other "non-tech”-people (my clients, family, or friends) should be able ...

web-development cms web  
asked by gota 3 votes
answered by OleVik 2 votes

Windows 10 Taskbar replacement

Best to be open source. Implement most Windows 10 taskbar functions and: The current taskbar is alwasy full...headache to decide which windows to close to make space for more windows. ...

asked by jw_ 3 votes

Gratis Windows File Rename utility

DropBox has messed me up :-( Suddenly, a lot of my file.extension files have been renamed as file (Mawg's Laptop's conflicted copy 2020-01-15).extension and replaced by older versions (?!). I need a ...

windows gratis file-management rename  
asked by Mawg says reinstate Monica 3 votes
answered by Yisroel Tech 3 votes

Is there a high-quality commercial or open source alternative to Doxygen?

I frequently work with large bodies of C++ or Objective C source code and am growing increasingly frustrated with Doxygen. It's horribly slow for significant code bases (> 1 million lines of code), ...

c++ documentation-generator  
asked by Wilfred Smith 2 votes

Browser-based end-to-end encrypted calls without registration

I am looking for a browser-based solution to make end-to-end encrypted calls without having to register (as in verify an email, sms, oauth etc.). From what I understand this could be accomplished ...

javascript web-browser chat encryption voice  
asked by Forivin 2 votes
answered by Markus 1 vote

From at github to something better?

Several months ago I start to write down my guidelines at github: The lists get longer and now I would like to improve the structure. I guess it is ...

markdown documentation-generator github documentation  
asked by guettli 1 vote
answered by William Rosenbloom 2 votes

Windows application to monitor data I/O per program

Relevant System Info: Win10Pro Samsung QVO 860 2TB 6 HDDs I have recently calculated my system is writing approximately 1.9GB per hour to my new SSD and I wish to log which programs are the most ...

windows-10 ssd  
asked by TheFear 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Miracast from Windows 7

I have a Sony Bravia R48B series TV with built-in WiFi and Miracast. Display mirroring from my Android phone works fine. However, I want to wirelessly mirror my laptop screen (running Windows 7) ...

windows-7 wifi duplicate-display  
asked by user44289 4 votes

Firmware for T.V56.03 display controller board with tsumv56ruu-z1 chipset to be used with LP173WF1(TL)(B3)

I am searching for a proper firmware for days already. I recently got my T.V56.03 display controller board with a tsumv56ruu-z1 chipset and I want to use my LP173WF1(TL)(B3) display with it. As the ...

display hardware firmware  
asked by Tobseb 2 votes
answered by Raj -1 votes

Open-source image organiser with face recognition (alternative to Picasa) with OSX/Linux support

I'm looking for free (ideally open-source) image viewer and organiser which has the following features: Full screen preview of images with basic zoom in/out abilities. Image thumbnail grid view of ...

linux open-source osx image-viewer face-recognition  
asked by kenorb 17 votes
answered by kenorb 11 votes

Alternatives to TrueCrypt?

With the advent of TrueCrypt appearing to have been abandoned, what are my options for whole disk encryption going forward? I'm looking for options that will work with Linux distros as well as ...

cross-platform encryption  
asked by slm 85 votes
answered by tylerl 38 votes

Free OCR software that makes a PDF searchable (with searchable text at the right place)

Is there any freeware OCR software (for Linux and/or Windows) that can take a PDF scanned document as input and output a Searchable PDF like Adobe Acrobat does? With searchable PDF I meant that the ...

windows gratis linux pdf ocr  
asked by Cornelius 63 votes
answered by Guido Domenici 19 votes

Simple Markdown viewer for Ubuntu

I am looking for a Markdown viewer. It should: run locally on Ubuntu - be a normal program, not a browser addon, webapp or anything else that requires usage of browser* Preferable: simple and ...

ubuntu markdown  
asked by Mateusz Konieczny 66 votes
answered by Izzy 56 votes

Automatic translation of messages & conversations in Facebook Messenger, Instant Messaging IM and Chat Apps

Automatic translation of messages & conversations in Facebook Messenger, Instant Messaging IM and Chat Apps I have friends from many countries and their command on English and mine over those ...

web-apps chat iphone-app facebook translation  
asked by Alex S 1 vote
answered by Alex S 0 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Display training records and results with graphics on multiple platforms?

If I were doing this for work where we're all on fiber/Ethernet wires, I'd muddle up an Access database and drop it on a server. But I'm totally over my head here, and haven't a clue which way to go. ...

web-apps database  
asked by EdNerd 1 vote

CLI text editor for Linux that supports scrolling bar and stdin reading?

Is there a CLI text editor for Linux that supports a scroll bar useable with the mouse and that can read from stdin ? If not is there at least a simple GUI text editor that support stdin reading ? I ...

gui text-editors command-line mouse  
asked by Nicryc 1 vote

Android dashcam that works with screen off

I need a dashcam app that has the following features: Records with screen off (battery discharges fast enough even on wireless chargers with the screen off!) Starts recording to new video file ...

android video-recording car  
asked by Michael 1 vote
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