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Top new questions this week:

Diagramming tool for this type of diagram?

I am looking for an app to draw the kind of diagram in the picture which I don't know how to name it. I know I can do it with any general diagraming tool but I want the layout to be the more automatc ...

diagram uml design component-diagram  
user avatar asked by nadapez Score of 2

No code or low code SaaS database for a collector community where anyone can view, edit, and search for items

Before I go any further, here are some things to note: I am a normal individual with a normal low-paying job, with a passion for collecting. I am not some big business owner CEO with thousands of ...

database wiki saas  
user avatar asked by Deko Score of 1

Software to use to route directions on campus maps

What kind of software would you recommend for a broke college student who's planning on creating a campus map where people can search for directions for their classes? I'm doing this project for a ...

javascript maps google-maps  
user avatar asked by Kris Score of 1

Video recording app for Pixel 6 that can record in 4K 60 FPS and allow users to disable the autofocus

I am looking for a video recording app for the Pixel 6 Android smartphone that can record in 4K 60 FPS and allow users to disable the autofocus. Any price or license is fine. The Google Camera app can ...

android camera video-recording  
user avatar asked by Franck Dernoncourt Score of 1

BigData, Python and time-series

I deal a lot with time-series-related tasks (primarily forecasting, but also clustering, EDA etc.), and, because of sheer amounts of data available, I've noticed that relying on Pandas and Numpy as ...

python machine-learning  
user avatar asked by User Score of 1

MKV analytical tool to batch-process home movies library

I'd like to batch-process my home movies library (99% MKV files) and extract following data out of MKV metadata: List of all languages supported via subtitles for each image List of audio streams (...

windows linux video statistics mkv  
user avatar asked by trejder Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Online poll that lets users add new options?

Is there an online poll service that allows users to add their own options? To be clear, this is what it should do: I create the poll by choosing a number of preset options I send the URL of the poll ...

gratis web-apps survey hosted  
user avatar asked by congusbongus Score of 28
user avatar answered by Rasmus Score of 10

Set custom DNS servers in Google Chrome?

There used to be an experimental feature in chrome://flags where you can set your own DNS servers for Google Chrome to use (maybe in Chrome OS only?). This feature is now gone (pretty annoying). Is ...

chrome dns  
user avatar asked by Izumi-reiLuLu Score of 13
user avatar answered by Ciasto piekarz Score of 4

Video editor for Windows that can insert images or audio at arbitrary points

If I'm trying to edit relatively simple videos, what is a good editor that has these features available on Windows? trimming video clips, playing one video clip after another (basic functions, not ...

windows video video-editing  
user avatar asked by Doorknob Score of 33
user avatar answered by Ben Miller - Remember Monica Score of 11

Change pitch of Youtube videos

There are nice videos out there on Youtube, but some of them are hard to listen to, because they fall into a frequency region where the tone sounds slightly stressed. An example of such a video is the ...

windows gratis youtube  
user avatar asked by Thomas Weller Score of 5
user avatar answered by Jack Score of 3

What is a good free program to open corrupted JPEG files?

Back story: I have about 15 photos (JPEG) that are corrupted files on a computer after accidentally deleting them on a SD. I have recovered them using Recuva, and tried File Repair to open the ...

windows gratis images photography  
user avatar asked by Anonymous Penguin Score of 27
user avatar answered by Brian Score of 13

UI for node.js based desktop application

I understand that node.js is a server side javascript. I want to write a desktop application using node.js. What would be the best tool to build a UI for this application/ what languges frameworks do ...

gui node.js user-interface  
user avatar asked by sublime Score of 21
user avatar answered by ComFreek Score of 20

Is there a Chrome extension that I can use to note why I've opened a tab?

Community managers tend to have issues with tabs, in particular, an over-abundance of them. While applying a recent batch of system updates, I closed about 150 tabs between two browser windows. The ...

chrome note-taking  
user avatar asked by Tim Post Score of 140
user avatar answered by Manishearth Score of 168

Can you answer these questions?

A natural langage processing tool that can tokenize a stream of punctuationless words into sentences?

Assuming I want to take a bunch of punctuationless words like this (It commes from the "whisper" AI model foor speech-to-text), and I want to improve its legibilty by adding puctuation. (...

gratis language  
user avatar asked by knb Score of 1

Forum for cultivating a web of educational resources

I'm looking for forum software which allows users to submit connections between posts, and vote on said connections. Like, if there are two posts of varying detail on a topic, users could submit the ...

educational forum  
user avatar asked by Ray Score of 1

Looking for software for music recognition over a limited universe

I'm trying to find a music recognizer for MacOS. The constraints are: Recognition over a quite limited (~1000) universe of songs that I provide and preprocess as needed; "listening" to music ...

macos music-recognition  
user avatar asked by Larry Denenberg Score of 1
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