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Free / Open Source 2D Drafting CAD for Floor Plans

I've been using PTC Creo for most of my design work in the past, but I'm trying to create a floor plan, and Creo Layout isn't designed for things like walls and doors or has support for standardized ...

windows gratis open-source  
asked by theStandard 7 votes
answered by Steve Barnes 7 votes

Simple program to cut videos without ANY loss of quality for Windows, Linux or Android

I need a program to cut videos (extract a sub-video from them), but I absolutely need there will be no quality losses at all from the original. As long as I don't need to do anything more (like ...

video video-editing  
asked by Sopalajo de Arrierez 22 votes
answered by Steve Barnes 21 votes

How to convert Markdown to PDF without LaTeX?

Almost every existing md to PDF goes through LaTeX: kramdown, pandoc, multimarkdown, etc. Are there the options that don't, in any language, e.g. using a backend such as Prawn, libharu or jsPDF? So ...

linux pdf markdown  
asked by Ciro Santilli新疆棉花TRUMP BAN BAD 28 votes

Calendar application for Linux that plays well with Outlook and Exchange and works offline

I work with people who use Outlook and Exchange as their calendar platform. I need a calendar application that is compatible with this usage: it must connect to the Exchange server and retrieve and ...

linux email offline calendar microsoft-exchange  
asked by Gilles 'SO- stop being evil' 46 votes
answered by Frederick Nord 6 votes

Fake Virtual Camera and Microphone for Windows

I'm looking for software that can create a virtual camera and microphone. Some websites like require use of a camera and microphone that I don't wish to provide. I'm looking for software ...

windows gratis camera microphone  
asked by Tom 18 votes
answered by Thomas Weller 14 votes

Is there an application which does HTTP PUT?

Common HTTP operations are GET and POST -- e.g. GET is implemented by every web browser, and so is POST when the web page is a web form (e.g. with <input> and a Submit button). What about PUT ...

windows gui http  
asked by ChrisW 20 votes
answered by Philipp Wendler 12 votes

Fastest free Python library to read a CSV file with 1~3 columns of numbers

I am looking for the fastest Python library to read a CSV file (if that matters, 1 or 3 columns, all integers or floats, example) into a Python array (or some object that I can access in a similar ...

gratis library python csv performance  
asked by Franck Dernoncourt 29 votes
answered by Franck Dernoncourt 33 votes

Can you answer this question?

Is there a browser extension to show upvote and downvote counts in reddit?

Reddit's redesign shows net votes (upvotes minus downvotes) and percentage upvoted (upvotes / total votes) on post pages, from which it's quite simple to work out how upvote and downvote counts. Is ...

asked by André Levy 1 vote
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