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Top new questions this week:

Voice segmentation from WAV or MP3 file (like Karaoke)

I am looking for a software that can separate the voice track from the rest of the audio. It should: take a WAV or MP3 file as input. create 2 WAV or MP3 files as output: one for the music, one for ...

windows gratis offline music voice-recognition  
user avatar asked by Thomas Weller Score of 4
user avatar answered by Thomas Weller Score of 2

Text-to-speech software capable of processing bilingual input

Many of the books I would like to listen to are written primarily in English, with many phrases and names in French. Some of the available software does an acceptable job of reading the English but ...

windows gratis speech-synthesis  
user avatar asked by Bill Bell Score of 3

EVE2 Asset Builder for Linux Ubuntu

Is there an alternative GUI/Command line software to replace the Windows-only Asset Builder by Bridgetek?

linux ubuntu firmware  
user avatar asked by Mark Score of 1
user avatar answered by Romeo Ninov Score of 1

Tool to modernize C89 codebase

I am working on a codebase that was written in C89. That means that all function-local variables - even in nested scopes - are declared at the top of the function. I would like to modernize this ...

user avatar asked by Raildex Score of 1

When awk becomes too cumbersome, what is the next classic Unix tool to consider to deal with text transformation?

Awk is invaluable for many purposes where text filter logic spans multiple lines and you need to maintain state (unlike grep and sed), but as I'm finding lately there may be cases where you need ...

linux command-line text-processing unix  
user avatar asked by Sridhar Sarnobat Score of 1
user avatar answered by Romeo Ninov Score of 2

Converting WAV to MIDI using online AI

I have some WAV files that I'd like to convert into notes. The tool should be able to deal with multiple instruments, not only one separate the voice speech recognition is not needed (Speech to text)...

web-apps music artificial-intelligence music-recognition  
user avatar asked by Thomas Weller Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Send messages between Windows computers over network

I'm looking for a piece of software that can send plain text messages between two Windows computers on the same network. There used to be a Net Send feature in Windows, but when it came to XP SP3 I ...

windows chat  
user avatar asked by Often Right Score of 17
user avatar answered by Ken Herbert Score of 16

Display half-transparent "ghost" image over other windows

When working with various software more or less related to graphics editing - be it map makers, CAD, 3D modellers or such, I often need to redraw certain contents of some image I have as a bitmap. It ...

image-editing image-viewer  
user avatar asked by SF. Score of 20
user avatar answered by MrPublic Score of 12

What is a good newbie-friendly graphical Git client for Windows?

Personally I'd just install Cygwin and proceed with the usual *nix shell tools, but I need to make a software recommendation to some clients that need something a bit more newbie friendly. The ...

windows git version-control  
user avatar asked by Caleb Score of 161
user avatar answered by JBaruch Score of 87

Is there a Chrome extension that I can use to note why I've opened a tab?

Community managers tend to have issues with tabs, in particular, an over-abundance of them. While applying a recent batch of system updates, I closed about 150 tabs between two browser windows. The ...

chrome note-taking  
user avatar asked by Tim Post Score of 142
user avatar answered by Manishearth Score of 170

Is there a software tool which allows to perform SQL on CSV files?

I have been trying to find tools which allows me to import a CSV file and perform SQL operations on it. I tried to import on SQL Dev 4 but it does not work without a local connection. The data is ...

data-analysis sql csv  
user avatar asked by Vish_er Score of 23
user avatar answered by Benjamin Crouzier Score of 16

Type special characters {!@#$%^&*()} directly without pressing shift key in win 7 and 8

I am using both windows 7 and windows 8 PC. currently I am writing a paper in latex and tired of pressing shift key to type special characters like $%^#& . Is there a software so that I can type ...

windows-7 windows-8 keyboard-layout  
user avatar asked by Nishant Score of 8
user avatar answered by Franck Dernoncourt Score of 4

Windows SSHFS/SFTP mounting clients

I'm looking for a solution that lets me 'mount' a remote server via ssh or sftp protocols. The remote directory should show up as a drive letter on Windows. (optional) More than one simultaneous ...

windows windows-7 remote-access  
user avatar asked by Michael Kohne Score of 38
user avatar answered by FjodrSo Score of 24

Can you answer this question?

Wear app to set watch reminders for kids via parental controls

How hard would it be to set an app to remind kids in school or adults to drink water to stay hydrated? This would be perfect via an Android watch app, perhaps even with a parental control to set the ...

user avatar asked by Joselin Jocklingson Score of 1
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