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Top new questions this week:

Which Linux desktop environment for beginners

I'm going to install Linux + a desktop environment on my Dad's laptop. After some searching through the stackexchange network, I realized I also had to choose between a fixed release or a rolling ...

asked by SebMa 1 vote
answered by Robert Johnson 2 votes

Image stacking and averaging tool for Windows

In Lightroom/Photoshop I can easily create many layers of photos to create "virtual long exposures" and reduce noise through image averaging. However RawTherapee and Darktable just don't appear to ...

windows windows-10 photography image-editing photoshop  
asked by Andreas Hartmann 1 vote
answered by Steve Barnes 2 votes

Note taking software with link to PDFs

I need a non-linear note taking, I tried personal wiki, but they seem to be too difficult for me without any basic programming knowledge and issues. I need a basic, macOS, personal wiki-based ...

note-taking macos  
asked by user199 1 vote
answered by Trumpi 1 vote

Alternative to google API (e.g. jquery) for charting w/o privacy concerns

Having read this post : Privacy risk in using Google APIs, I am wondering what are the alternatives with no privacy concern, esp. for website charting development(e.g. chart.js)?

python web-development django  
asked by Gustaf 1 vote
answered by Juanga Covas 1 vote

Network diagram drawing software

I need a software to draw a logical overview of my network infrastructure. I have several core switches across multiple locations, which split to around 400 hosts. I want to document each switch port ...

asked by Livy 1 vote
answered by Ali1928 1 vote

Windows Application supporting Function Block Diagram (FBD) for coding Embedded Systems

What Windows applications supporting Function Block Diagram (FBD) graphical languages for coding Embedded Systems are commercially available? According to IEC 61131-3 there are 5 programming ...

windows signal-processing  
asked by mikebuba 1 vote

Trusted Call Recorder for Android

There are plenty of such applications on Google Play, but it's hard to understand who to trust (I know about application permissions). Which call recorder would you recommend, preferably from big ...

android voice-recording  
asked by R S 1 vote
answered by R S 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Free or nearly free PDF library for Java

The title1 says it (nearly) all. To be more specific, I require PDF generation with basic formatting (tables and images) usability in closed source commercial project being free (as in beer) or ...

library java pdf  
asked by maaartinus 12 votes
answered by Bruno Lowagie 11 votes

'Modern' browser that will work in Windows 98SE

I have a little Windows 98SE virtual machine I run as a curiosity. I occasionally need to/want to download software to test on it, but the version of IE on it has trouble rendering many modern sites ...

windows web-browser  
asked by Journeyman Geek 59 votes
answered by ntoskrnl 59 votes

A program to log how much time you spend in what program

Seems like there should be something. Basically it should provide a report: with the total time spent in program X with a graph of how much time was spent in program X at what time of day (think the ...

windows time-management  
asked by Nick Wilde 73 votes
answered by Lulu 43 votes

Chrome extension like Tamper Data

Tamper Data is a Firefox add-on to track and modify HTTP/HTTPS requests. Is there a Google Chrome extension that can do the same?

chrome http  
asked by Ranveer 19 votes
answered by chx 2 votes

Viewer for huge JSON files on Windows

I am looking for a JSON viewer for Windows that can: open decently large files (e.g. > 10 MB), unlike JSONViewer Notepad++ plugin (lags for ever), JSON Editor Eclipse Plugin (take over 1 minute to ...

windows offline json  
asked by Franck Dernoncourt 36 votes
answered by Thomas Weller 27 votes

Linux program like Windows 7 MS Paint

There are many Linux programs that imitate the MS Paint of Windows XP and earlier. Is there one yet that looks like that of Windows 7 and has the same features? Primarily it should look the same as ...

linux image-editor drawing  
asked by Mina Michael 6 votes
answered by Maythux 7 votes

Drawing neural networks

Similar to the figures in this 3Blue1Brown video, I would like to create a basic figure of a multilayer perceptron (neural network).

asked by a13a22 3 votes
answered by Alex Lenail 6 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Syncing Google Calendar and phone alarms

Is there a good app that can sync phone alarms with Google calendar? Google alarms/notifications are passive and tend to get missed - would love an app that set off an alarm or phoned to alert to an ...

calendar notification google-calendar alarm-clock google  
asked by Abi 1 vote

Program to fetch updated packages

I have a huge environment that contains Windows & Linux (CentOS) servers. I am looking for a free GUI based tool that can fetch the list of recently updated/ installed packages from these servers. ...

linux data-analysis windows-server  
asked by Srikanth 1 vote

Java library for ReCaptcha that does not utilize Google ReCaptcha

I am developing a ReCaptcha for a site. Because of client's requirement, I cannot use Google ReCaptcha and anything in the cloud. Basically, I need a library that can be installed on my local machine, ...

library java authentication  
asked by Rongeegee 2 votes
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