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We have magazines being produced in PDF format, two columns on a page, a mixture of text and images, but never overlapping. Is there any PDF 2 HTML software that doesn't suck?

We are looking for software that:

  • Renders approximately the same layout as PDF. If it is close enough we will change our PDF layouts and/or write some software to massage the HTML in to shape.
  • Does not wrap every word in a span/div. This tends to slow redering right down, especially on mobile devices.
  • Can handle two columns of text, and not merge the two in to one long line and mix up different sentences.

It's a long shot I know. Happy to experiment with whatever software suggestions are provided.

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Actually I would suggest reversing/modifying your process if possible to:

  1. Produce the original as one of html or rst.
  2. When you are happy with it convert it to pdf, html, any other output format with something like pandoc.
  3. You will probably find that it is a lot faster and more reliable.
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