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Is there any Chrome extension which give you this ability to set password for Chrome? Such that just by entering the password you have access to that browser?

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If you enter the password incorrectly do you want the browser to be non-functional or just limited functionality (ie won't remember/suggest website passwords)? – Nick Wilde Jul 19 '14 at 16:50
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You can use ChromePW.

  • asks for a password when you open Chrome
  • you can lock it manually by right clicking and clicking ChromePW
  • if you press anything inside the Chrome window while the password box is open, then Chrome automatically closes
  • if the password is wrong more than a user-defined limit, Chrome will automatically close
  • security mode: if you try to open any other program (such as Task Manager), Chrome will automatically close (so it can't be bypassed; optional)

The settings you can change:

enter image description here

The password box:

enter image description here

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You can use ChromePW

Either way you can also create multiple profiles in chrome if you dont want other users to know about the data in you account. and also use ChromePW there again. So it would be just like having multiple accounts in your PC and asking each user to signin using his password.

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