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When I install Windows on a machine, it is always a pain to download all drivers: is there any free program that could take care of this? I found a few ones like DriverNavigator but I haven't found any free one.

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As an aside, you rarely want software to autoinstall drivers. drivers usually come with a bunch of marginware that in the best case is useless and in the worst case can damage your system. For example, unless you have an Nvidia sound card, you don't want to install the HD audio drivers along with your GPU drivers. –  Nate Kerkhofs Jul 7 at 11:03

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You can use SlimDrivers Free:

  • free and portable
  • Make sure you uncheck the crapware while installing
  • Scan for missing or out-of-date date drivers
  • Download updated drivers manually

enter image description here

enter image description here

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