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I'm looking for a Database tool for developers with the following features:

  • SQL querying
  • Can be connected to SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.
  • Can run on Windows and Linux distros
  • DDL Manipulation (graphic interface to create/edit table/view definitions would be a plus, but no necessary)
  • Create/edit stored procedures, triggers, etc a plus
  • support for JDBC connections would be a plus
  • support for OLEDB / ADO.NET data providers would be a plus

It doesn't matter (much) if it's free, open source or proprietary (as long as there is a sort of free trial to test before buying the corresponding license).

Does anyone know something like this?

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You can use Eclipse with the Eclipse Data Tools Platform:

  • SQL querying (with a GUI to create create queries visually)
  • Can be connected to SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.
  • Can run on Windows and Linux distros
  • DDL Manipulation
  • Create/edit stored procedures, triggers.
  • support for JDBC connections

enter image description here

enter image description here

PS: Toad is Windows only but otherwise it is a great tool and has all the features you asked for (except OLEDB / ADO.NET for which I am unsure).

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I use Database Workbench under Windows.

It's paid, but there is a free edition that supports a single database system (currently InterBase, Firebird or MySQL) and a basic set of features (feature matrix)

Features e.g.

  • Data Model Design (Reverse engineer existing databases to print graphical overviews, use sub-diagrams)
  • Visual Editors
  • Stored Routine Debugging (Stored Procedures, Stored Functions, Packages and Triggers)
  • Two-Way Visual Query Builder
  • SQL and Parameter Insight
  • Code and SQL Catalogs
  • Object and Code Templates
  • Drag and Drop Objects
  • Database Compare and Migration (Migrate meta data structures from one database system to another)
  • Transfer, import and export data (even any ODBC or ADO data source)
  • Unicode enabled

Some screenshots from the free Firebird version:

enter image description here

enter image description here

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Thanks Jan! A new major version was released last August ( ) and several of our users use the product under Linux using Wine ( see ) – Martijn Tonies Oct 2 '14 at 9:43

You can give a try 0xDBE from JetBrains. It's early access but looks like quite handy tool. It supports many DB engines: Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, H2, Apache Derby, Sybase, DB2, SQLite, SQLServer and few others.

Main features:

  1. Code Completion
  2. Renaming and Finding Usages
  3. Code Analysis and Quick-fixes
  4. Powerful Editor
  5. Code Formatting
  6. Slick Table Editor
  7. Navigation
  8. Managing Schema

Full overview here

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