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I want to improve my English pronunciation.

Is there any program that could ask me to read some words or sentences aloud, record my pronunciation and then allow me to listen to my voice?

  • The program should be able to compare my voice recording with a standard English accent (American or British).
  • I would prefer if it runs on Windows.
  • I don't mind about the price.
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You can use Auralog's Tell Me More:

  • Windows
  • record your voice and can compare it with a standard English accent (American or British):

enter image description here

More details for the latest version.

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Saundz ( is mainly focused on the speech process itself, i.e. demonstrating how particular sounds or words are created, which is represented by the virtual animation. The software teaches 40 basic American English sounds and over 400 words that you can listen to and record. You can compare your voice with sample recordings of native English speakers - after you send your recording, it's played back next to a native speaker's so you can hear the difference.

There's a Windows desktop application, but it also works in browsers. Here's a screenshot:


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Rosetta Stone can evaluate speech using graphs.
The graphs on the speech analysis screen help you evaluate and improve your speech patterns by giving you a visual comparison of your speech with native speaker's speech.
Today the company offers courses in 24 languages English included and it runs on Windows: XP SP3, Vista SP2, Windows 7, or Windows 8 or Mac (Intel based only): Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion (OS X 10.6 or higher).

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