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Is there an SSH2 implementation that will run in the Win32 console (i.e. cmd.exe)?

As far as I know (correct me if I'm wrong) I know of the following SSH implementations:

  • PuTTY - Doesn't run in the Win32 console
  • TeraTerm SSH - Doesn't run in the Win32 console
  • SecureCRT - Exorbitant pricing, doesn't run in the Win32 console
  • SSH via Cygwin - Enormous dependency
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Cygwin's SSH does run in the Win32 console. –  Gilles Apr 5 at 11:40
You can also try plink which comes with putty. The console support is... very limited (speak: non-existant) - it won't support any ansi-escape sequences, but if you don't need them, it might be enough. –  Johannes Kuhn Apr 6 at 12:39

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You can use OpenSSH for Windows:

  • free
  • works withing cmd
  • supports SSH2
  • also provides SSH server functionality

enter image description here

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How could you possibly be recommending security-related software like ssh that hasn't been updated since mid 2004, just a couple of months short of 10 years? –  cnst Apr 5 at 16:02
The OP just wants the client. What kind of security issues are you fearing with a client? –  Franck Dernoncourt Apr 5 at 16:10
Why would security be of any less concern if it's the client? Older PuTTY versions do suffer from several security issues, for example. –  cnst Apr 5 at 16:18
@cnst Most attacks concern servers, SSH clients are pretty safe (a bit less if you connect to some rogue servers): chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/changes.html –  Franck Dernoncourt Apr 5 at 16:29
That only depends on who's doing the attack; NSA and GCHQ is likely more interested (and capable) in attacking the clients than just the servers. From the page you've linked, arbitrary code execution on the client by a malicious SSH-2 server before host key verification, has been fixed, chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/wishlist/…, is exactly the kind of attack (from late 2004, no less) allowing anyone with control of your internet pipe to own you easily. Can you confirm that the unofficial mid-2004 port of OpenSSH for Windows is safe from similar? –  cnst Apr 5 at 16:41

The plink version of PuTTY is a console application that can be run from cmd.

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Welcome to SR. Link only answers are not acceptable quality; please update to include why you are recommending this/comment on stability/some more details. –  Nick Wilde Apr 5 at 5:47
I think this is an appropriate answer. plink is a good solution to this problem, but it looks like it was meant to process scrips, not provide a user interface to SSH. I cant figure out how to make any visual controls work in it (e.g. irssi) –  enthdegree Apr 6 at 3:21

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