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I have video files, in which dance lecturers performs some variations. To learn these variations, it would be effective to play some video file with following features:

  • create markers in a video for individual variations, for example: from 00:03 to 00:17 - Sombrero de Lucy, from 00:19 to 00:26 - Cuban Guapea, from 00:30 to 00:41 - Enchufala con Bikini
  • play selected variation (fragment in a movie) in loop
  • play selected variation in slow motion

Could you recommend me some video player (or video sequencer / editor) with these or similar features? It can be for Linux or Windows, at best for free.

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Here's a pretty good round up of the best open source (free, for all intents and purposes) NLEs (non-linear editors): http://wolfcrow.com/blog/a-quick-guide-to-the-5-best-open-source-video-editing-software/

Out of the five recommended, I recommend checking out Lightworks. Lightworks has a free version as well as a paid for version, so make sure you download the correct one. You can find the free version here: http://www.lwks.com/index.php?option=com_lwks&view=download&Itemid=206

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